Experts answer: What is Gogo DASH?

Hear our own connectivity experts explain how Gogo DASH improves our customers' lives with better visibility and insights into the performance of their inflight connectivity systems.

Gogo DASH makes our customers' lives so much easier by providing real-time information on what's happening with Gogo systems and networks, the connected devices, and flight activity. This AVANCE-exclusive tool allows for total control of your connectivity experience at any time and from anywhere. 

DASH isn't only loved by Directors of Maintenance and cabin crew for managing the inflight connectivity experience. DASH also helps you control costs by seeing who's using Wi-Fi while on the aircraft, what for, and how often they're connecting. These insights can help you predict your service costs or budget for future missions. 

This intuitive, self-service toolkit can enable everyone in your business aviation operation to make smarter decisions.

Managing your connectivity experience