Gogo low earth orbit (LEO) satellite broadband for business aviation

How Gogo AVANCE and LEO capabilities bring max performance to inflight connectivity worldwide

low earth orbit satellite broadband

Gogo’s next innovation chapter is taking world-class inflight connectivity global. We are going to be among the first to design and deliver a complete, Low Earth Orbit (LEO) global broadband experience, using the OneWeb satellite network, designed for business aviation – ushering in an era of vastly closer satellites that deliver an improved connectivity experience when compared to traditional Geostationary (GEO) satellite services -- for virtually every size aircraft, everywhere worldwide. 

In a recent webinar, a panel of business aviation experts explained Gogo’s revolutionary technology, our AVANCE platform, and the superior capabilities of LEO satellites and electronically steered antennas (ESAs) over today’s GEOs.  

We invite you to watch the full webinar (1 hr.) and/or read our version of Cliff Notes that follow (2-min.) to learn how Gogo will make fast, low latency inflight Wi-Fi accessible and affordable for virtually every business aircraft around the globe with low earth orbit satellite broadband.

Gogo AVANCE + LEO broadband = powerful, platform-based global connectivity for virtually any size business aircraft

leo broadband

Gogo AVANCE is business aviation’s only true inflight connectivity and entertainment (IFEC) technology platform which enables you to have the very best digital experiences available now, while allowing you to add the best of what’s next - without needing to replace your entire system like you would with traditional systems. It’s a long-term, sustainable connectivity solution for business aircraft.  

With Gogo AVANCE, not only can your aircraft tap into Gogo’s 3G, 4G, and 5G networks across the continental United States and portions of Canada, but every AVANCE system is future-ready to allow you to add Gogo’s global LEO broadband solution when it launches. Add in AVANCE’s self-monitoring intelligence, customization tools, and automatic remote updates and it’s easy to see why AVANCE is installed on more business aircraft than any other solution in the sky. No matter the size of your aircraft or where you fly, Gogo AVANCE is business aviation’s choice for seamless connectivity worldwide.

Four game-changing features of Gogo AVANCE and LEO Satcom

leo satcom

1. Gogo LEO Wi-Fi = high speed and huge capacity

With Gogo AVANCE and LEO satcom, your aircraft will enjoy the speed of terrestrial internet anywhere on the planet. No more needing to compromise on work, play, or a bit of both. Regardless of where you fly, over oceans, across all continents or even the polar regions, you will experience high speed connectivity in the range of 50 Mbps. AVANCE and LEO satcom will enable real-time modern apps and services such as video conferencing, live streaming, market trading and interactive gaming. In fact, the network will have the capacity to deliver ≈ 1.1 Tbps — that's a lot of downloads and uploads. Our LEO satcom solution will be the first designed exclusively for business aviation and will be available in late 2024.

2. Low latency aircraft internet

Today, latency can be a huge barrier to productivity when using global inflight connectivity, particularly with a GEO satellite connection. With Gogo’s LEO satcom solution, you’ll get extremely low latency (< 200ms roundtrip), providing an exceptional inflight experience. Many wonder how Gogo will offer such an optimal service. It’s two-fold: choosing the right partners and physics. By partnering with OneWeb and its constellation network of 588 LEO satellites, and Hughes for the core antenna technology, Gogo will make low latency global connectivity a reality. With LEO satellites 750 miles from earth, compared to GEO satellites at 22,000 miles, the low latency will be a product of physics as well as a vast LEO satellite network. Plus, the ultra-light and compact ESA will constantly beamform or redirect its connection to the LEO network to maintain a persistent low-latency connection.

3. Maximum performance inflight Wi-Fi

Gogo’s ESA (only 24” long x 11.8” wide x 2” tall) is designed to fit aircraft that today do not have a satcom solution available to them, allowing aircraft everywhere to harness fast, AVANCE-powered inflight Wi-Fi. That’s right, all you need for global LEO broadband is your choice of AVANCE L5, L3, or SCS and this powerful ESA makes worldwide connectivity accessible for large turboprops and light jets.

What’s even better than the ESA’s compact size is how it works. This ESA will pack maximum performance. With beamforming algorithms, low power consumption and easy installation (one connection for power in and another for ethernet out), Gogo’s LEO satcom solution is an engineering endeavor that will promise the business aviation community additional performance boosts throughout its lifecycle. From Rio to Paris or across oceans to Sydney, Gogo will connect you to what matters most regardless of where you fly.

4. Easy to install on virtually any business aircraft

Our global low earth orbit satellite broadband will be available for installation on virtually any size business aircraft, including super light jets and large turboprops. After your AVANCE installation, all that is needed is to mount the ESA on your aircraft fuselage and connect the power and ethernet. 

Bottom line: your aircraft, regardless of size or where you fly, will be able to harness the high speed, low latency, and maximum performance of Gogo’s inflight connectivity anywhere in the world. Plus, we’ve made it simple to install, which saves you downtime and money. Now, that’s game-changing – or perhaps better said – life changing.

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