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The Gogo Biz® network started the broadband inflight internet revolution and continues to help business travelers stay connected and increase productivity all across North America. It’s proven 3G Wi-Fi and clear voice calling that gives you an amazing blend of passenger productivity plus operational ease and affordability.

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Let a connetivity consultant answer all your questions about adding Gogo to your aircraft. Just tell us how to contact you. 

The Gogo Biz network is evolving. Learn more about what this means for you by clicking here.

Passenger productivity plus pilot data

With the Gogo Biz® network, you can improve passenger productivity and empower pilots with Wi-Fi, all via an AVANCE L3 system that's small and light enough for virtually any business aircraft.

Watch the video to hear Citation owner Marc Dulude why he added Wi-Fi. 

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Service plans: you've got options

One-size-fits-all doesn't work for business aircraft operators. Gogo has hourly, monthly and annual data and voice plans that give you the flexibility to choose what's right. 

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more info Big news: AVANCE Wi-Fi now works at 3,000ft

Gogo is proud to announce that inflight internet service for AVANCE customers now starts at 3,000ft AGL instead of the previous 10,000ft. You'll have more connectivity time to get more done during flight time. 

A laptop connected to the Gogo Biz ATG network

Get so much more than internet

Gogo AVANCE L3 connects you to vastly more than Gogo Biz broadband. Discover how this small powerhouse also gives you inflight entertainment, moving maps, remote software support, and even lets you customize the experience. Features no other systems can touch. 

Discover the AVANCE platform >
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Stay connected from coast to coast

The Gogo Biz inflight network provides seamless connectivity across the U.S. and parts of Canada and Alaska. And it serves as the backup network for the blazing fast Gogo Biz 4G network.

For more information on how the Gogo Biz network is evolving as we migrate to LTE technology please click here.

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