AVANCE Software Update 4.4


Thank you for being a valued Gogo customer. AVANCE software version 4.4 is now available. Your upgrade can be completed remotely using AVANCE over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

Here's what you need to know about AVANCE OTA:

  • For a limited time, we are making OTA available to all AVANCE customers via Terrestrial Modem (TM) in addition to Gogo Cloud. After the TM trial period ends on December 31, 2024, OTA will be available to AVANCE customers exclusively through the Gogo Cloud.

  • For the best customer experience during the trial period, we highly recommend using a Gogo Cloudport. To request a Cloudport for your hangar, please click here.

  • AVANCE hardware must currently be on 4.3 or later to use OTA

*Please note that after the TM trial period, ending December 31 2024, Gogo will charge a $250 fee per software USB upgrade kit.

If you don't have access to OTA, you can still complete your upgrade using an authorized dealer or you can manage the upgrade yourself if you have in-house expertise. To request an upgrade kit, please fill out the form below. Note that when requesting your upgrade kit(s) that Gogo has Field Service Engineers (FSE) available to assist with your software upgrade if needed, and Gogo SmartShield provides a discount on FSE support pricing. Please contact Gogo Technical Support to schedule any needed assistance.

**AVANCE 4.4 requires your system to be running AVANCE 4.3.1. If you are not yet on software version 4.3.1, you'll need to first upgrade to 4.3.1, then to software version 4.4. You can require each necessary upgrade kit via the form below.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding AVANCE 4.4, please send an email to Gogo Customer Service or call +1 303-301-3278, option 3.

Please review the additional details and documentation:

  • Log in to Gogo TechPubs (contact Jay York if you need access to Gogo TechPubs at jyork@gogoair.com).
  • For the AVANCE L5/L3 Service Information Letter (SIL) search for document number D34119-016 for the AVANCE SCS SIL search for document number D28929-016
  • Access the Notification of Change (NOC), document number D36632

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In order to upgrade to AVANCE software version 4.4, you must upgrade software versions sequentially. For example, if you're currently on 4.2.1, you will first be required to upgrade to version 4.3 (Please note that AVANCE systems using 4.3 and later are eligible to use OTA software updates), then version 4.3.1, and lastly to version 4.4. Please determine your current software version and select the kits you will require in order to upgrade to 4.4 sequentially. If you are on a software version earlier than 3.0, please contact Customer Support at bacustomerservice@gogoair.com . Not sure where to find your current software version? You can find this info in Gogo DASH .
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