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We've created this interactive timeline so you can follow along as Gogo checks off critical milestones on our path to launching Gogo Galileo, the only solution in business aviation that can fit on any size business aircraft, delivering high-speed, low-latency internet anywhere in the world.

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April 2024

  • Gogo secures FCC regulatory approval for Gogo Galileo terminals

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Earth station in motion (ESIM) regulatory license grants Gogo the authority to commercialize and operate the HDX and FDX antenna terminals on US-registered aircraft, and those registered in other countries within U.S. territory including territorial waters.

    gogo galileo hdx roof installation

March 2024

  • First over-the-air testing on the engineering unit

    Gogo completes the first end-to-end connection over the Eutelsat OneWeb network using the HDX antenna with a Gogo AVANCE SCS LRU, achieving a major milestone in the development of the Gogo Galileo program. We sat down with Matt Martin, Gogo Galileo Product Manager, to understand the importance of this milestone.

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February 2024

  • Gogo receives first HDX engineering test unit

    Gogo receives the first fully constructed engineering prototype at its headquarters in Broomfield, CO. This prototype will be used for software integration and to perform over-the-air tests. This is a significant step forward for validating design and preparing us for flight tests later this year.

    HDX EVT unit

May 2023

  • FDX Antenna Ground Demo

    At EBACE 2023, one year after announcing our plans to launch the first global broadband service in business aviation, Gogo Galileo, we had a ground demo of the experience with the FDX antenna. See live customer reactions to Gogo Galileo performance.

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  • Introducing: Gogo Galileo and the FDX antenna

    At EBACE 2023, we announced our Gogo Galileo product line with the unveiling of a second ESA form factor for use on our LEO broadband solution. Gogo Galileo now offers two antennas - the previously announced "HDX" antenna and the new "FDX" antenna.

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    Gogo Galileo HDX and FDX antennas

March 2023

  • OneWeb's LEO satellite constellation is complete

    OneWeb's final launch marks the first complete LEO internet satellite constellation and a major milestone in delivering true global inflight connectivity for business aviation.

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    OneWeb launch

February 2023

  • ESA Preliminary Design Review (PDR) complete

    Gogo and Hughes met over a 3-day period to ensure that the preliminary design of the ESA meets all system requirements and is on track with the proposed design.

    ESA design review- Gogo Galileo antenna

May 2022

  • Gogo announces global LEO broadband service and partners

    At EBACE 2022, we announced our plans to launch the first global broadband service in business aviation to use an electronically steered antenna (ESA) on a low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite network.

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    EBACE 2022

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