Collins Aerospace Airshow moving map on a tablet Collins Aerospace Airshow moving map on a tablet

Collins Aerospace Airshow

Take advantage of Airshow Moving Map on the Gogo network

Moving maps are the most popular feature of any inflight entertainment system. Understanding flight progress, geographic location and scheduled arrival time is deeply satisfying to travelers of all ages.

Gogo has partnered with Collins Aerospace to offer Airshow® Moving Map. Now, passengers can enjoy stunning 3D graphics, greater geographic detail, unparalleled global coverage and an intuitive interface.

Best of all, for Gogo AVANCE and Gogo ATG/CTR customers, no additional hardware is required, which makes it an easy and affordable solution for enhancing the passenger experience. (Not available for Gogo ATG/UCS 5000.) 

Collins Aerospace Airshow downloaded on a mobile phone

Best-in-Class moving maps meets best-in-class inflight connectivity

Adding Airshow to a Gogo AVANCE or Gogo ATG/CTR system is an ideal solution for aircraft of all types and sizes: from turboprops and light jets, all the way to VVIP. Airshow offers the most advanced 3D maps in the market. Satellite map views offer a variety of interactive experiences; passengers can view the world as if looking through a glass cabin, see points of interest data for cities around the globe, review key flight information, and much more. 

3D maps and ETA. In beautiful HD.

Ready to add moving maps to your aircraft?

  • Activate your Airshow account
  • Passengers download the Airshow Mobile 2 app from iTunes or Google Play
  • Everyone onboard can enjoy the map experience on their phone or tablet via the app
  • Passengers can access Airshow on the ground, as well as in the air
3D inflight map display inflight

Some installation restrictions may apply*

For more information, please contact Gogo Business Aviation technical support