ForeFlight Mobile

Wireless made easy: ForeFlight now integrates with Gogo

ForeFlight Mobile is today’s industry-leading EFB app, trusted by pilots worldwide. However, up til now, the app required a separate GPS system and antenna on the aircraft to display current location information.
Not anymore.
Gogo and ForeFlight are proud to announce that together we've enabled ForeFlight Mobile to integrate wirelessly with Gogo AVANCE and ATG systems - delivering a simplified, more consistent app experience. 

All your app data. No extra wires or antenna.

By integrating ForeFlight with Gogo ATG or AVANCE systems, flight information from the aircraft’s FMS can now be rebroadcast via the cabin Wi-Fi network to the mobile app.

  • Delivers Current Latitude, Longitude and Altitude information to your ForeFlight Mobile app. No new equipment is required.
  • For crews, this simplifies the flight deck experience.
  • For aircraft owners and operators, this simplifies installation by eliminating the need for a separate GPS system or antenna on your aircraft.

How to wirelessly connect ForeFlight

Learn how to connect ForeFlight to your installed Gogo system. Quick note: ForeFlight customers must have the “Performance Plus” service subscription to take advantage of this Gogo integration. 

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Gogo system requirements

Gogo customers must have one of the following systems installed to take advantage of this new ForeFlight integration:

  • Gogo AVANCE L5
  • Gogo AVANCE L3
  • Gogo ATG 5000/4000/2000/1000 w/CTR
  • SCS Elite w/ATG system
  • SCS Media w/ATG system