A broker's guide to Gogo inflight internet

Things you need to know to be an inflight Wi-Fi expert

As an aircraft broker, we know that being an expert on the aircraft you’re delivering is key to your success and reputation. Previously, saying an aircraft is “Wi-Fi equipped” may have caught a prospect’s attention; now, they know it’s a necessity. In fact, many industry experts say that aircraft with an up-to-date inflight connectivity system sell faster.1 But we realize it doesn’t guarantee a premium price – particularly if the system is antiquated or you don’t quite know what it can do. That’s why we’re here to help. 


We’ve created a quick list of questions your potential buyers may have about Gogo inflight Wi-Fi service. We cover the basics of what you can do when you connect in the air, how to determine what system the aircraft has, and whom to contact with questions about demonstrating connectivity service to a potential buyer or activating a new owner.

Q1: What hardware is on the aircraft?

If it’s not clear what Gogo inflight connectivity system is on the aircraft, you or the aircraft owner can contact Gogo Customer Support for previous connectivity details for the specific aircraft. Once we verify ownership, we can identify the current services available on the plane, as well as identify other services that may be available but not currently activated – which could interest a potential buyer. 

As an added benefit, we can confirm that you have the latest software upgrades on the system prior to sale.

Q2: What can I do when I connect to the internet on my plane?

Gogo inflight connectivity allows its customers to connect directly to the internet through a secure aircraft Wi-Fi network. It’s similar to connecting to a Wi-Fi network at home, in an office, or at a local coffee shop.  This service allows passengers not only to easily get online to browse the web, send and receive emails (with or without attachments), transfer files, and access a corporate VPN, but also stream audio and video content (4G and 5G networks only) – all while in the air. 

Depending on the additional services available, the passengers may be able to make phone calls directly from their personal smartphone or view inflight movies, TV episodes, news, flight information, and magazines. 

You can find more information about our technology and its capabilities here

Q3: Will I have coverage where I fly?

Gogo seamlessly provides inflight connectivity coverage throughout the continental U.S., including parts of Alaska and Canada. We offer 4G and 5G network services depending on the connectivity system installed and the service plan a customer chooses. Across the country whether remote or populated areas, you can trust the reliability and speed of Gogo’s dedicated business aviation network. 

Depending on what additional connectivity systems are available on the aircraft, such as satellite, the customer may have connectivity coverage overseas. Some Gogo systems can provide seamless network coverage when integrated with these global systems.

Discover more about Gogo-supported satellite services on our global solutions webpage.

Q4: When can I connect during a flight?

Here’s a quick view of what the potential buyer can expect with Gogo inflight Wi-Fi service. These details can vary depending on what systems, services, and service plan are activated on the aircraft.

Q5: What will it cost me month to month?

That depends. Costs for inflight connectivity vary based on the service plan the customer chooses.

Choosing an inflight Wi-Fi service is similar to how you choose your mobile phone data plan.  Customers can select a plan based on the number of megabytes available per month, or what types of services they’d like – such as basic internet, streaming, inflight entertainment, or wireless calling on a personal smartphone.  

For some helpful information on inflight connectivity costs, view our available service plans.

Q6: Can I see the inflight service in action before I buy?

We understand that you may want to demonstrate internet on the aircraft to a potential buyer while it’s on the market. When an aircraft goes to sale, we recommend you or the seller contact Gogo Customer Support to determine the best service options.

We provide the following services depending on what’s easiest for you during the sales cycle:

  • The aircraft owner may keep the service “on” while the aircraft is for sale - particularly if they plan to continue using the aircraft while it's listed. If the owner plans to limit aircraft use during this time, they can contact Gogo to adjust their service plan to accommodate the change in internet activity.
  • If the seller does turn services “off,” we can provide a free 24-hour activation of service for a broker selling the aircraft. This requires you to contact Gogo to activate service each time you have a demo flight.

Q7: How do I activate service after purchasing the aircraft?

To successfully transfer or enable new services on a recently purchased aircraft, you or the new owner must contact Gogo Customer Support.

We support the new aircraft owner in creating a new customer account, choosing a service plan that best meets their needs, and providing any additional support to get them up and running quickly on using Gogo inflight connectivity.

1. 2018. “Does Cabin Wi-Fi Provide a Direct Connection to Higher Aircraft Resale Value?” AINonline, May, 2018.

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