Video: Global aviation department boosts visibility with Gogo DASH

Stryker Corporation, a medical technology company, uses three corporate aircraft to support their global business in North America and 130 countries across the globe. A long-time Gogo customer, Stryker considers onboard Wi-Fi a critical business tool. “Internet has become a very important part of our operation,” shares Chief of Maintenance Greg Hamelink, which is why visibility into their onboard systems is so critical. 

Stryker’s global corporate aviation department started with Gogo ATG 5000 systems but recently upgraded to AVANCE L5. With L5, Greg and his team are able to take advantage of Gogo DASH. “Being connected through the DASH portal is very beneficial,” Greg continues. “It shows us the flight path, the service level that we’re getting, data rates, and an overall picture of the health of the system, both equipment and network.”

Features like data rate monitoring and network performance make a big difference to Greg - especially when they’re easy to access and use. “We haven’t had that visibility in the past. It’s nice, quick, I can do it on my iPhone and see what’s going on with the airplane,” Greg explains. As a result, business can operate more efficiently at 30,000 feet and, as Greg concludes, “We can do our jobs better.” 

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