Video: Why West Star Aviation upgraded to

West Star Aviation flies 30 different aircraft with 18 different types of airplanes: more than any other aviation organization in the world. “We work on all airplanes from Citations to the Lineage and everything in between, the Falcon, Hawker, the Gulfstream, the Learjet,” explains West Star’s V.P. of Sales Marty Rhine. With 30 installations across all these types of aircraft, West Star relies on its partnership with Gogo to support its business and keep its customers happy.

That’s why West Star recently upgraded their aircraft to AVANCE L5. “It’s been very successful,” Marty continues. “Customers like it and it’s been a great revenue stream. The Gogo product is a good calling card that helps our overall business.” 

Specifically, L5 has enabled West Star to deliver on its promise of providing an “office in the sky.” Even when IT teams have tried to recreate the heavy usage that West Star customers frequently require, the system has remained dependable. Marty says, “Reliability of the product is very high. It’s been very robust.” 

West Star customers aren’t the only ones taking advantage of Gogo AVANCE L5: pilots like it too. The L5 system improves situational awareness, particularly with live weather. “It’s the only worldwide live weather we have, with the internet,” Marty shares, “so it definitely helps there as well.” 

Overall, West Star finds Gogo inflight Wi-Fi to be the right system for just about every customer. “It’s the perfect solution for 4 out of 5 customers,” Marty concludes. “It’s a really good fit for us.” 

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