Charter fleet drives superior service with Gogo’s private jet Wi-Fi

AVANCE upgrade delivers an exceptional customer experience for Erin Air's passengers

erin air charter operations office

Erin Air Seattle-based charter flight operator 

Forty-one years of experience in the Pacific Northwest

Fleet of 9:

Nextant 400XTi

Citation XL (2)

Citation X (2)

Citation XLS

Gulfstream G200 (2)

Challenger 300

Fleet equipped with Gogo AVANCE, L3 & L5

Gogo customer since 2014

A pioneer of private jet charters in the Pacific Northwest, Erin Air operates a fleet of nine luxury business aircraft. For more than four decades, its discerning customer base has chosen Erin Air because of its attention to detail and the world-class service it provides.

erin air charter operations

Its fleet is diverse ranging from light jets such as a Nextant 400XTi to midsize aircraft including two Citation XLs, two Gulfstream G200s, and the larger Challenger 300. In 2014, Erin Air installed Gogo’s ATG inflight connectivity solutions on those aircraft – a key differentiator for Erin Air, giving them a competitive advantage. Recently, Erin Air noticed the evolving digital needs of its customers. Just like the increased use of streaming and video conferencing services on the ground, that same activity was becoming necessary in the air. It was time to evolve. In 2021, Erin Air’s charter fleet quickly upgraded to Gogo’s AVANCE platform, and that’s made all the difference.  


We want our customer experience to be the best. AND, Gogo Wi-Fi is part of that.

Tim Vollick

President of Erin Air 

Why upgrade to AVANCE

erin air team

With Gogo AVANCE, Erin Air’s customers can access all their necessary business information live, participate in video conferencing and be productive, or enjoy some downtime with movies or TV programming. The Erin Air team realizes that today’s world is based on being connected, where a two-hour flight without internet can be detrimental to a business or an executive.

The Erin Air team shared with us their experience about upgrading to AVANCE. Across the board from the president and pilot to the charter sales manager agreed that the AVANCE platform delivers an exceptional customer experience and meets the digital needs of their passengers. They stressed Wi-Fi for private aircraft is no longer a luxury for charter flight operations but expected just like at the office or home.


Private jet Wi-Fi is a real-time business solution.

Tim Vollick

President of Erin Air 

Inflight connections for business and pleasure

Today, passengers are not only conducting Zoom calls and business meetings in real time from the air, but they also are able to shop or watch live sporting events. On a recent charter flight, a family only had time to travel during the Seahawks game and wanted to stay connected to their home team. Erin Air’s crew were able to provide live coverage of the game; so, they didn’t miss a play.


They’re blown away. They can still get internet that easily at 40,000 feet.

Riley Finney

Pilot at Erin Air

4 major reasons to upgrade your private jet Wi-Fi to AVANCE 

why upgrade to gogo avance

With AVANCE, you not only enhance your passengers’ inflight internet experience, but also the efficiency of your entire charter flight operations team from the pilot to ground support.

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