Successful entrepreneur, restauranteur, and pilot

"An upgrade to Gogo AVANCE is 100% worth it!"

jason talley in the cockpit of his CJ2+

Passionate about entrepreneurship and aviation, Jason Talley is the mastermind behind multiple successful companies in the technology and aviation space. He started JetFuelX, which sold to Foreflight, and also founded SierraTrax, which sold to JSSI. 


His interest in aviation started early on as a kid in Missouri and he remains passionate about it today. As a young adult he earned many titles, degrees, and accolades, but one thing was missing, Talley had always aspired to become a pilot. Finally, after selling one of his technology companies in 2000, Talley got his private-pilot license and he’s now been flying for nearly 25 years.


As previously noted, many of his businesses have been focused on technology that services business aviation. Today, however, Jason has diversified his endeavors and he spends much of his time in the hospitality business serving as the Chairman of Bakers Burgers, a 38-restaurant chain in Southern California.  To say that Talley has a full plate is an understatement. In addition to running a large restaurant chain and exploring new business opportunities, he also serves as Vice Chairman at JSSI and is a committed family man with his wife, Lily, and their two boys.


He is able to successfully navigate a hectic professional and personal life because he has an aircraft. With all those responsibilities, his time is precious, and his productivity needs to be maximized – especially when he’s flying. That’s where Gogo and inflight connectivity comes into play. “By maintaining connectivity, I can fly anytime and be productive.”

jason talley and his CJ2+

How Talley Uses Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi on his CJ2+

1. Productivity

Before he had Gogo inflight connectivity onboard his aircraft, Talley needed to plan his flights around the hectic restaurant business hours with locations serving three meals from 6am-11pm. But with Gogo’s system onboard, Talley can fly when it’s most convenient for him and still answer a text, respond to critical emails, and even browse the internet for coordination of ground services at any time.


By maintaining connectivity, I can fly anytime and be productive.

Jason Talley

CEO and Pilot

2. Safety

Inflight connectivity from the cockpit is crucial for safety. Whether Talley is checking by-the-minute weather reports, flight patterns, or even footage from cameras at his hangar, Gogo inflight connectivity keeps his CJ2+ on the safest route. In fact, for a period of several months, Talley was without his CJ2+ and used a different plane in the interim that did not have Gogo inflight connectivity onboard. He shared, “You miss it when you don’t have it.”


Until you have it, you don’t appreciate how much you use it. And, how critical it is to the experience when you’re operating your aircraft: safety, weather, other stressors. All of those things are impacted by Gogo inflight Wi-Fi.

Jason Talley

CEO and Pilot

jason talley pilot and passengers

I'm not easily impressed, but AVANCE L3 has really impressed me. It is so much more than I was expecting. I was wholly unprepared for the difference in performance. It is a night and day difference.

Jason Talley

CEO and Pilot

citation in hanger with sunset

How Gogo inflight Wi-Fi connects business aviation to what matters most

Talley was flying from Chicago back to his home in Utah, when he received a Wi-Fi phone call from his aunt about his uncle – the one that got him into flying. His uncle had fallen and was going to the hospital. Thanks to the Wi-Fi calling option provided by the Gogo system, Talley was prepared upon landing to drive straight to the hospital to help his aunt.

Talley piggybacked that anecdote with, “Whether flight planning, maintenance issues, or weather, Gogo inflight connectivity has saved the day innumerous times.”

To connect to what matters most at the right time whether in the U.S., Canada, or around the world, Gogo and its AVANCE inflight connectivity solutions are your trusted source. With more than 30 years of experience in business aviation, discover which inflight connectivity solution is right for you.

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