Q: What's the pricing for Gogo MIX?

A: Gogo MIX is a free application in DASH for AVANCE customers. There will be no change to your monthly invoice or service charges.

You can learn more about DASH here.

Q: What types of Gogo systems can take advantage of Gogo MIX?

A: All AVANCE systems are supported for use with Gogo MIX, including AVANCE L3, L5, SCS Elite, and SCS Media. You must be running AVANCE 4.1 software or later.

Q: Wasn't there a recent Tehnical Bulleting regarding AVANCE 4.1?

A: Yes, if you're utilizing RS232 NAV input, you should not perform the upgrade to AVANCE 4.1 as it will result in functionality issues with your LRU. If you've upgraded to 4.1 and still use RS232 NAV, please contact batechsupport@gogoair.com as soon as possible. AVANCE 4.2 will be available in Q4 2020 and will resolve this issue as well as be compatible with Gogo MIX.

Q: How do I access the MIX application in DASH?

A: Access DASH via dash.gogoair.com. After logging in with your credentials, you should be able to see the MIX application from the "SSO" screen. If you cannot see the application, your account admin may not have your access permissions set up correctly. Please contact your DASH admin to be granted access to the MIX application.

Q: Can I configure an SSID on my AVANCE system to not use any networks or inflight connectivity data?

A: Yes, you can! Based on customer feedback, the ability to provide access to Gogo Vision IFE without providing access to an inflight connectivity network or bearer was a desired functionality which we built into Gogo MIX. Any of the AVANCE systems can use MIX to set up an SSID that has "no allowed networks/bearers" but can still be used to access Gogo Vision. This is a great option if you're flying with children or looking to control connectivity costs on a given flight.

Q: I updated my AVANCE system's configuration and onboard experience using MIX but I'm not seeing any changes on the aircraft. What's happening?

A: Updating your AVANCE system's configuration and onboard experience using MIX is a multi-step process. Once you deploy the updates or edits to your system through MIX, the system onboard the aircraft must download the update and then apply the update with a reboot. The "Fleet Overview" screen inside the MIX application can be used to track the update's process.

Q: I have a question about how to update my AVANCE system's configuration using Gogo MIX. Can Gogo Customer Operations help me?

A:Gogo Customer Operations is ready and willing to answer your Gogo MIX questions. However, please be aware that MIX was purposely designed to give you (and only you) the control over your own inflight Wi-Fi configuration. Gogo cannot log into your Gogo MIX application and make these changes. It’s another level of assurance for you and your aircraft’s passengers.

For more tips and tricks, please review the Gogo MIX training video here.