Inflight Wi-Fi for Pilatus

The Pilatus has a well-earned reputation for being a reliable workhorse: and adding inflight connectivity to your inflight experience lets you stay on top of work like never before. Learn why AVANCE L3 means more than just fast, reliable inflight Wi-Fi for your PC-12 and PC-24.

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Gogo AVANCE: Turbocharge your Pilatus productivity

With fast and seamless North American and global broadband coverage, straightforward installation, and a customizable, software-based platform, find out for yourself why Gogo AVANCE is the inflight Wi-Fi system trusted by Pilatus operators.

Go global with Gogo Galieo

From Paris to London to São Paulo - Experience broadband without limits.

Gogo Galileo’s high speed, low latency global network delivers broadband internet everywhere on earth. Available in 2024, this powerful connectivity solution is a simple add on to any AVANCE system aboard your Pilatus via a single antenna and 2 cables - power and ethernet. With Gogo Galileo you can have a broadband connection everywhere you fly without compromise.

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Get more done during flight time.

With AVANCE, your inflight internet service starts at 3,000ft AGL instead of the previous 10,000ft. So now, you'll have more connectivity time to get more done during flight time.

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Cockpit Wi-Fi unlocks your apps

Supercharge your favorite pilot apps. With a Gogo inflight Wi-Fi connection, you can unlock the full potential of apps like Garmin Pilot, JetFuelX, FltPlan Go, FlightAware Global, ForeFlight, myGDC and Pilotbrief Optima.

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Vision on tablet

The ultimate inflight entertainment.

AVANCE L3 also comes fully-integrated with Gogo Vision: allowing you to instantly offer inflight entertainment featuring movies and TV shows, a stunning 3D moving map, and more.

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See Gogo Vision

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