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We've created this interactive timeline so you can follow along as Gogo checks off critical milestones on our path to launching business aviation's first true end-to-end 5G network covering 100% of the contiguous United States (followed quickly by our launch in portions of Canada and Alaska).

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June 2024

  • Gogo 5G FPGA Flight Testing Complete

    Gogo has completed another key milestone: Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) flight testing, equipping us with invaluable data to ensure we deliver top-notch network and software performance. Our engineers meticulously tested the Gogo 5G experience to guarantee seamless connectivity in the skies.

August 2023

  • Gogo announces AVANCE LX5

    Introducing your single box solution to accessing our revolutionary Gogo 5G network and all of the benefits of the AVANCE platform. LX5 is the next iteration of our transformative and industry leading AVANCE platform, making the installation of Gogo 5G even easier.

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April 2023

  • Gogo Expands 5G Footprint into Canada

    Building on our nationwide 5G network in the contiguous United States, Gogo is expanding into Canada. This bold move will provide business aviation operators in North America enhanced coverage.

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    Gogo 5G map expansion into Canada

October 2022

  • Russell Wilson announced as Gogo 5G brand ambassador

    Gogo proudly announces NFL quarterback Russell Wilson as its Gogo 5G brand ambassador. Wilson will be one of the first to install Gogo 5G on an aircraft.

    “I’m excited to join the Gogo team and help others take part in the Gogo 5G network, which will change the travel experience for good.”

    — Russell Wilson

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    Russel Wilson - Gogo brand ambassador
  • Gogo 5G network hits 100% completion

    Gogo completes construction of its 150th 5G tower and celebrates this momentous achievement at NBAA-BACE. This marks the completion of our Gogo 5G nationwide network and kicks off the 5G inflight revolution.

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    5G network map - 100% completion

August 2022

  • Gogo 5G network hits 50% completion

    Gogo's 75th 5G tower installation goes online, bringing us to 50% completion of our nationwide 5G network. The Gogo 5G network buildout remains on budget and on schedule to launch in the second half of 2022.

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April 2022

  • Gogo X3 completes qualification test

    The Gogo X3, the LRU that enables 5G, successfully completed the RTCA DO-160 Qualification Test. This milestone enables the LRU to be used for flight testing on certification aircraft and puts us one step closer to STC approval.

February 2022

  • 5G antenna receives STC and PMA

    Gogo has received Supplemental Type Certification (STC) and Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) from the FAA to begin installing its 5G aircraft antenna.

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January 2022

  • Gogo 5G nationwide tower installations

    Full build-out begins as Gogo's expert network teams are now installing, testing and activating the full 150-tower 5G nationwide network. Follow progress from now until launch on our 5G network map.

    See the network map

December 2021

  • Gogo 5G network begins deployment

    The Gogo 5G nationwide network is now being deployed. To close out 2021, we passed a major milestone by completing construction of our 7-site 5G network testbed -- on schedule and on budget.

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November 2021

  • 5G antenna completes qualification test

    The 5G antenna, MB13, successfully completed the DO-160G Qualification Test. This test allows the antenna to be used for flight testing on certification aircraft and puts us one step closer to STC approval.

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  • Gogo and Duncan Aviation partner on 5G STCs

    We announced that Duncan Aviation is working on the completion of the first-article Supplemental Type Certification (STC) for the Gogo 5G system on more than 30 aircraft models.

    View the STC list

October 2021

  • Gogo announces 5G launch customer

    At NBAA-BACE 2021, we announced that Jet Edge will be our Gogo 5G launch customer with plans to upgrade 50 of their aircraft to Gogo 5G over a 2-year period.

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August 2021

  • Gogo 5G aircraft antenna test flight

    Come fly with Gogo and get a sneak peek at some testing of our new 5G air-to-ground network and testing of the MB13 antenna.

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June 2021

  • Gogo X3 prototype built

    The first prototype of the Gogo X3, the LRU that enables 5G, was built and reviewed by our internal team of experts. To enable 5G for business aviation we can look at a simple equation: AVANCE L5 + Gogo X3 (the 5G LRU) + 2 MB13s (the aircraft antennas) = Gogo 5G.

  • First installation of 5G antennas on a tower

    Testing and validation begins as Gogo network operations specialists install 5G antennas on a tower site in Nebraska. See what it takes to build a 5G network from the ground up.

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February 2021

  • Successful end-to-end call with Gogo SIM

    Gogo successfully performed an end-to-end call using a 5G SIM card, from the onboard equipment to the cell site, through the data center to the internet, and back.

October 2020

  • 5G aircraft provisioning begins with AVANCE L5

    At NBAA-VBACE 2020, we shared how business aviation operators could provision aircraft for 5G with AVANCE L5. A big milestone was achieved as we developed initial prototypes of the 5G aircrad and demonstrated Gogo X3.

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  • Gogo 5G base station tower antenna prototypes ready

    5G antennas aren't just on the aircraft, there are also 5G base station tower antennas that need to be built and added to the network. The prototypes were reviewed and approved for use on the base station network towers.

June 2020

  • Gogo 5G aircraft antenna prototypes ready

    Airborne antennas are the first and last point of contact with the aircraft itself, making it mission-critical for the performance of inflight connectivity. Learn how Gogo collaborated with FIRST RF Corporation to build the best-in-class antenna for 5G in business aviation.

    Learn about the antenna _self

March 2020

  • Gogo installs 5G core hardware in data center

    Gogo has worked with Cisco for the last decade to innovate inflight connectivity and they’re our trusted partner as we deploy 5G. Learn why we partnered with Cisco to support our data center and 5G core.

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January 2020

  • Gogo 5G base station design complete

    Get a closer look at the disruptive technology used to power 5G for business aviation and what goes into the architecture of a high-performing air-to-ground network.

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October 2019

  • Gogo announces 5G partners at NBAA-BACE 2019

    At the 2019 NBAA-BACE, we announced our commitment to building the latest technological advancement for connectivity in aviation: 5G. Watch the panel discussion to understand how 5G benefits business aviation.

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