SmartShield FAQ SmartShield FAQ

SmartShield FAQ

Q: What is the term of the commitment?

A: Customers will purchase the plan for a 3-year commitment. They will pay for the first year upfront and be locked in to purchase annually for the following two years. Additionally, the program will come with the commitment to maintain air-to-ground service for three years, with a service plan of at least 1GB/month.

Q: Does SmartShield always have to be purchased in a 3-year package?

A: Yes.

Q: What happens if I change aircraft?

A: The 3-year commitment will be tied to the customer.  If they change aircraft, they may transfer the subscription to the new aircraft and neither extend nor shorten the commitment timeframe. 

Q: What happens if I terminate the agreement before the 3-year commitment?

A: Customers wishing to terminate may do so with an early termination fee that will equal the cost of the SmartShield subscription and monthly service plan subscription for the remainder of the term. (See T&Cs for details on ETF) (See T&Cs for details on ETF)

Q: I have an ATG Classic LRU.  Am I eligible for Gogo SmartShield?

A:  Yes!  Gogo SmartShield is available to both Classic ATG and AVANCE customers.  In fact, there are significant upgrade benefits for ATG Classic customers with Gogo SmartShield.  When upgrading from an ATG Classic system to an AVANCE L5 on a participating tail, customers may claim a $10,000 install rebate on the hardware price.  They will also receive a $15,000 service credit towards their Gogo Biz 4G data plan if they upgrade to AVANCE L5 and activate service before December 31, 2024.  (Does not apply to accounts with special pricing – please contact your Gogo representative). (See T&Cs for details) (See T&Cs for details)

Q:  I’m already planning an upgrade to AVANCE L5, what do I need to do to get the $10K install rebate and $15K service credit?

A:  All you have to do is sign up for your 3-year Gogo SmartShield subscription before your AVANCE L5 is installed and activated.  Once we confirm your L5 has been activated, you will receive your $15K credit on your next monthly service bill.  Once Gogo receives your ATG Classic LRU, the $10K rebate will be issued. (Gogo billing accounts must be in good standing).

Q: Are there any install rebates or service credits available for AVANCE L3 or AVANCE SCS upgrades?

A:  No.  The Gogo SmartShield upgrade rebates & credits only apply to upgrades from ATG Classic to AVANCE L5 upgrades.

Q: What products are eligible for Gogo SmartShield?

A:  Only AVANCE and Classic ATG products (ATG 1000, 2000, 4000 and 5000) are eligible for Gogo SmartShield (other products like ATG 8000, Iridium and SwiftBroadband are not eligible).

Q: What is the 3-year commitment about?

A:  The value of these packages is significant and demonstrates a commitment to our customers. We’re asking for that commitment in return but make it easy to live up to it: if you change your aircraft, you can transfer the program to your new aircraft. (See T&Cs See T&Cs for commitment outline: 3 years of SmartShield + 3 years of 1GB or higher monthly ATG service).

Q: Can there be any discount given for operators with several aircraft if they wish to cover more than one?

A:  There is no discount for multiple aircraft SmartShield purchases.

Q: Is there any discount for a customer with a newly installed system that is still under MFG warranty?

A:  There will not be a discounted rate for customers that sign up for SmartShield while still under warranty. 


Q: Can you clarify what is included with the “Full warranty”?

A:  This is the same as the standard warranty offered by Gogo but can be extended for as long as the SmartShield membership is active: as long as you have SmartShield, you’re covered. In general, items related to AVANCE, SCS, and ATG products (as defined on the product support pricing list) are covered. CTRs are not covered. See T&Cs See T&Cs for more details. Product support pricing list is available upon request from Gogo Customer Support.

Q: Can you clarify what is included with the “Annual overage forgiveness”?

A:  (See T&Cs) (See T&Cs) for explanation, but in general: once per year, the cost of an overage up to $4k may be waived.

Q: Can you clarify what is included with the “10% discount available on Gogo Vision 360”?

A:  This is applied automatically for you! If you currently have legacy pricing, it is on top of that.


Q: Can you clarify what is included with the Free Master Technician and Installer Course seats (2x/year)?

A: Gogo’s Master Technician and Installer Course immerses your technical personnel in Gogo Business Aviation systems and equipment, teaching them to correctly and competently install, configure, troubleshoot, and maintain Gogo IFEC solutions. With your SmartShield subscription, you are eligible for 6 “seats” (normally $2,100 per seat) in the in-person MTIC, but you are only allowed to use 2 seats per year throughout your 3-year SmartShield commitment. Note that you are responsible for covering any travel expenses to attend this 2.5 day, in-person training session at our Broomfield, CO. headquarters (See T&Cs) (See T&Cs).