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Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband gives you reliable, near-global inflight voice and data connectivity service, via a single installation system suitable for virtually any size aircraft. It operates on three geostationary (Inmarsat I-4) satellites in orbit 22,000 miles above the earth and provides near-global coverage.

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When you're in the air, make the most of flight time with access to some of the same home and office tools that you rely on to get things done on the ground. No matter what, or where you fly. 

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SwiftBroadband data connectivity allows you to stay productive in flight by using your laptop, tablet or smartphone to surf the internet, securely log on to your corporate network, transfer data and send/receive email. It’s home and office access, when you’re miles above it. 


SwiftBroadband offers high-quality voice service so passengers can stay in touch, in flight. Four additional voice channels are also available via Inmarsat’s multi-voice service. All voice services can be used simultaneously with packet switched data services.