Gogo AVANCE LX5 - Dealer FAQ

Q: What is the difference between AVANCE LX5 and the AVANCE L5 + Gogo X3?

A: Both the AVANCE LX5 and AVANCE L5 + Gogo X3 are AVANCE hardware configurations which connect to the Gogo 5G network. AVANCE LX5 is a single box 5G AVANCE system (5 MCU) solution. Gogo X3 is a 5G LRU (3 MCU) that can be added to an existing AVANCE L5 (5 MCU) system to enable Gogo 5G connectivity.

Q: When will the AVANCE LX5 hardware be available?

A: The AVANCE LX5 will be available approximately late 2024. Customers can reserve their hardware now by submitting the First To Fly promotion form.

Q: What is the performance of AVANCE LX5?

A: The AVANCE LX5 will have the same peak performance as the AVANCE L5 + Gogo X3 (75 to 80 Mbps), leveraging the power of the newly launched Gogo 5G network – which aggregates the 2.4GHz unlicensed spectrum and the 850MHz licensed spectrum.

Q: What if my customer already started the process in provisioning for AVANCE L5 + Gogo X3?

A: The great news is that both L5+X3 and LX5 leverage the same MB13 antennas and coax cabling. If preferred, your customer can convert their plans to provision from L5+X3 to LX5. Please contact us for guidance on your particular situation.

Q: What if my customer has already submitted a promo form for First to Fly (Gogo X3)?

A: The promotion is still valid and they will have a choice to contact Gogo and update their promo choice from the X3 to the LX5 for the same rebate amount. The form will not need to be resubmitted.

Q: What if my customer has already installed an AVANCE L5 and provisioned for Gogo X3 (installed MB13s) but would prefer the LX5 solution?

A: Customers who install MB13s with an L5 prior to December 31, 2023 have the option to exchange their AVANCE L5 for an AVANCE LX5 at no additional charge. Customers will also get an additional promotion rebate with proof of dealer installation of MB13s prior to December 31, 2023. Please contact your Gogo representative for any specific questions.

Q: What are the Gogo 5G service pricing options and prices?

A: The published Gogo 5G service plan options and prices are the same for the LX5 or L5+X3 configurations. This also includes the new 5G promotional pricing which was announced at AEA 2023.

Q: What is the hardware price for an AVANCE LX5 system?

A: MSRP = $141,500

Q: Why are the AVANCE L5 and AVANCE LX5 hardware system prices essentially the same?

A: We are very proud to deliver the AVANCE LX5 (a 5G capable AVANCE system) to the market at a very attractive price point.

Q: For current AVANCE L5 customers, what are the 5G upgrade options?

A: We have 2 options:

  1. Your customer can exchange their current AVANCE L5 for the AVANCE LX5, they will also need to upgrade their antennas to the MB13s - MSRP is $141,500.
    1. If your customer exchanges their L5 and activates their 5G service by December 31, 2024, they will be eligible for a $50k rebate. Please check out our promotions to learn more.
  2. Your customer can add the Gogo X3 LRU to their existing AVANCE L5 and also upgrade their antennas to the MB13s - MSRP is $110,244.
    1. If your customer installs the X3 LRU and activates their 5G service by December 31, 2024, they will be eligible for a $50k rebate. Please check out our promotions to learn more.


Q: My customer submitted a promotion to get AVANCE L5, but now they want this instead since it’s a similar cost and better performance. What are their options?

A: Your customer can update their promotion path to the LX5 and receive the same rebate they would have received for the L5 promotion. If your customer signed up for the Tech Transformation or Ready To Fly L5 promotion, please contact your Gogo representative to review their options.


Q: My customer is interested in Gogo Galileo (the upcoming LEO satellite connectivity solution from Gogo). Can they still get Gogo Galileo in the future if they install AVANCE LX5?

A: Yes. Install any AVANCE system (including AVANCE LX5), and they are on the path to Gogo Galileo. Gogo AVANCE customers will only need to add a fuselage-mounted antenna and run power and ethernet cables to receive global LEO coverage.

Q: Who should my customer contact with questions?

A: One of our Gogo Regional Sales Managers can help answer questions. They can also contact Gogo Sales Operations at +1.888.328.0200 , Option 2, or basales@gogoair.com. If they have questions about service plans or the status of their account, please have them reach out to Gogo Customer Operations at +1.888.286.9876 or bacustomerservice@gogoair.com.