SCS Media

Turn flight time into fun time.

Sometimes passengers simply want to unwind. SCS Media is a small lightweight system that lets passengers enjoy on-demand inflight entertainment. It also allows you to brand the experience with a custom landing page.

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Easy, affordable moving maps and entertainment

SCS Media provides a standalone inflight maps and entertainment experience that lets passengers pass the time doing something other than work. Using the service is as easy as turning on your personal devices. For operators, it’s a truly simple and affordable solution: content is updated wirelessly and automatically via Gogo Cloud, and Gogo provides 24/7/365 monitoring and support.

Gogo Vision IFE

SCS Media brings inflight entertainment to life with Gogo Vision – the world’s leading IFE service. Gogo Vision will thrill your passengers with a full library of hit movies and TV episodes, magazines, 3D moving maps, destination weather (coming soon), news clips, and much more.

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