How a corporate flight department leverages Gogo AVANCE L5

Stryker Corporation enhances productivity and improves aircraft troubleshooting capabilities, thanks to AVANCE L5

stryker corporation's fleet of business aircraft

Stryker corporation's fleet of business aircraft

Stryker Corporation, a Fortune 500 medical technologies firm, has a corporate fleet consisting of two Falcon 2000LXSs and a Global 5000 GVFD - they have used Gogo inflight connectivity since 2010, and recently upgraded to AVANCE L5.

With a home base in Michigan, the fleet frequently flies domestically to the East and West Coasts and all places in between, in addition to occasional international trips across the globe, including visits to its European headquarters in Cork, Ireland. The massive increase in Wi-Fi capabilities made an immediate difference for pilots and passengers alike. With their international travel, Stryker is also eager to explore Gogo's upcoming global connectivity solution, Gogo Galileo.

brad ongna of stryker corporation

Brad Ongna, Senior Manager of Maintenance & Ground Operations

Benefits of upgrading to Gogo AVANCE L5

When asked about the Gogo AVANCE L5 upgrade, Senior Manager of Maintenance and Ground Operations, Brad Ongna said, “Overall the upgrade was fairly streamlined. We did it at the same time as a light inspection. Our executives love AVANCE L5. They notice the difference. AVANCE L5 is faster, maintains performance with more devices, and is better for Wi-Fi phone calls.


Inflight connectivity is not just for the cabin  

The executives leverage the inflight connectivity to maximize productivity: making crucial business decisions, responding to emails, and putting the finishing touches on critical presentations. However, those in the cabin aren’t the only ones that utilize the inflight Wi-Fi to do their jobs well. The pilots also use the AVANCE L5 to access real-time weather, communicate with dispatch, and notify Ongna’s team about maintenance issues.

Inflight Wi-Fi helps with maintenance

On numerous occasions Gogo’s inflight connectivity played a pivotal role in troubleshooting maintenance. On a flight from Teterboro, New Jersey, to home base, the plane had a hydraulic issue that required the crew to divert into Scranton, Pennsylvania. The pilots used the inflight connectivity to contact scheduling and coordinate for another plane from the home base to come and pick up the executive passengers. Ongna and another flight crew were able to quickly dispatch the rescue plane and support the executives’ safe return home while Ongna’s team stayed to deal with the broken aircraft. 


Ongna shared, “On another occasion flying out of Kalamazoo, Michigan, Gogo inflight connectivity helped us. The pilots notified us via Wi-Fi of a bird strike. We put the wheels in motion to get another plane and maintenance en route.”

stryker corporation's fleet of business aircraft in hangar

Stryker corporation's fleet in its hangar

What’s next for this corporate fleet? 

Stryker Corporation’s team is also excited about Gogo 5G. Ongna has plans to provision both Falcons for 5G, and will do so at a time when they are already scheduled for C-checks – which will occur in the summer of 2024. Since the fleet does fly internationally, Ongna is also interested in a faster global inflight connectivity option. Currently, the Global 5000 GVFD is using SwiftBroadband, which pales in comparison to the speeds the executives expect. Ongna and his team are looking forward to Gogo Galileo and best-in-class global connectivity. With all three aircraft equipped with the AVANCE platform, Stryker Corporation is well on its way to 5G and Gogo Galileo.

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