Gogo Galileo

Global high-speed internet for every business aircraft of every size

Leveraging the latest in Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) satellite technologies, and more than 30 years experience, Gogo brings at-home or in-office like internet to any size business jet, anywhere on Earth.

Built for business aviation, by business aviation experts, and uniquely backed by service, bandwidth and support guarantees Gogo Galileo is redefining global inflight connectivity.

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Different aircraft require different solutions

Built for all of business aviation

In business aviation, one size does not fit all. We understand this, and that's why you have a choice of two antenna options (HDX / FDX) to fit on any size business aircraft - both delivering high-speed low-latency internet anywhere you fly.

HDX: ↓ 60 mbps, ↑ 11 mbps, low latency, service pricing starting at $3,500
FDX: ↓ 195 mbps, ↑ 32 mbps, low latency, service pricing starting at $3,500

Download the Gogo Galileo data sheet to discover which is the best fit for your aircraft and mission.

Gogo offers world-wide connectivity

High-speed global coverage, guaranteed

Gogo Galileo leverages Eutelsat-OneWeb's enterprise-grade constellation, specifically built for mobility. Meaning high-speed, low-latency inflight Wi-Fi around the globe, even over the poles, and no bandwidth sharing with residential customers. Uniquely backed by performance, cybersecurity, reliability and customer support guarantees peace of mind in your investment is built-in.

LEO satellite benefits LEO satellite benefits
The AVANCE inflight experience

Powered by AVANCE

1 AVANCE system + 1 antenna = Global broadband connectivity

Gogo Galileo is a straightforward add-on to any existing AVANCE system with the addition of a single antenna. For new customers, Gogo AVANCE simplifies your install with everything you need in one unit, plus one antenna.  Aviation grade equipment that uniquely includes built-in inflight entertainment, advanced multi-bearer network capability, a powerful self-service toolkit and over-the-air system updates for fixes, configuration changes and software - enabling continuous improvement and innovation. Learn more about AVANCE.

Exclusive benefits unique to Gogo

STCs in progress

We are actively working with our extensive dealer and OEM network to rapidly bring STCs to market for every business aviation airframe. Track our progress, and availability for your aircraft here.

Gogo AVANCE is a factory option at every major business aviation OEM and we have a trusted, and growing authorized MRO network of more than 120 dealers worldwide.

Gogo Galileo STCs
hdx antenna on challenger

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