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Gogo 5G Installation Training

Learn to install, configure, and activate Gogo's 5G air-to-ground connectivity offerings, including both the LX5 and the L5/X3 combination. This free training fulfills the new product installation requirement for all installing organizations (dealers and OEMs) before taking delivery of parts for Gogo's 5G systems. 

Learning Objectives—Gogo’s 5G Installation Training will enable your team to: 
  • Describe Gogo's 5G products and services 
  • Identify source documents 
  • Prepare for and perform installation 
  • Configure the system 
  • Activate the service 
  • Describe theory of L5/X3 and LX5 operation 
  • Troubleshoot the system 
  • Work with Gogo support 
Gogo offers three ways to achieve these objectives and fulfill the training requirement:  
  • Half day onsite training for your team (Instructor travel costs apply)—Complete the form below or email GogoBAUniversity@gogoair.com to arrange training. 
  • Three-hour live webinar for your team (Free)—Complete the form below or email GogoBAUniversity@gogoair.com to arrange training) 
  • Two-hour interactive eLearning course for individuals (Free)—Complete the form below to enroll. 

more info Want more in depth training?

Check out our four-day Master Technician and Installer Course (MTIC) and join us for hands-on training at our headquarters in Broomfield. CO. MTIC fulfills all Gogo product installation training requirements.

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