Gogo is where innovation takes flight

Gogo created the inflight connectivity revolution and we continue to be the driving force behind breakthroughs that redefine the inflight experience for business aviation passengers, pilots and operators.

Check out the timeline below to explore our history of proven innovations.

Constantly transforming the business aviation flight experience

August 1991

  • It all began on a napkin

    Our founder Jimmy Ray sketches a radical idea on a napkin -- showing how to create an analog phone network designed for private aviation. The company was launched as Aircell and would later become Gogo.

October 1997

  • Aircell begins operations

    The FCC authorizes Aircell's first-generation analog cellular network for aviation in North America. The company begins providing phone service for business aviation -- finally connecting people in the air to their world below.

July 2002

  • Aircell goes global

    Aircell begins offering Iridium satellite phone service and becomes a multi-network global solution provider.

November 2005

  • Axxess: Business aviation's first all-digital system

    Aircell creates and lauches Axxess, business aviation's first all-digital multi-channel communications system.

November 2006

  • BizAv’s broadband future begins

    Aircell wins major FCC auction and gains exclusive license to deliver broadband connectivity to U.S. airlines and business aircraft via an air-to-ground network.
    “This is an historic event in the airborne telecommunications industry. In just over a year, the flying public will have the ability to use their own Wi-Fi-enabled laptops and PDAs to communicate just like they do on the ground." -- Jack W. Blumenstein, Aircell president/CEO

February 2008

  • Aircell broadband makes a big debut

    Aircell completes and launches the Gogo Biz air-to-ground (ATG) nationwide network and offers Inmarsat global SwiftBroadband service.

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March 2009

  • Commercial airline division launches as Gogo

    American Airlines and Virgin America launch Gogo internet service for passengers.

January 2010

  • Debuts New ATG 5000 High Speed Internet System

    Inflight internet demand accelerates and company completes the first installation of the new ATG 5000 High Speed Internet unit. Our ATG systems become the dominant broadband solution aboard thousands of business aircraft.

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June 2011

  • Gogo Vision creates a new standard for inflight entertainment

    Gogo Vision inflight entertainment launches on American Airlines, the first North American airline to offer the service. Vision quickly becomes the sky’s most popular IFE solution for both commercial and business aircraft.

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July 2011

  • Aircell officially rebrands to Gogo

    Corporate rebranding applies to commercial and business aviation operations.

June 2013

  • Gogo goes public and enables personal smartphones

    Gogo Inc. goes public; hits NASDAQ: under ticker symbol “GOGO.” Gogo invents Gogo Text & Talk -- enabling passengers and pilots to use their personal smartphones during flight.

November 2014

  • Gogo expands global and North American connectivity

    Gogo makes its international debut on Delta Airlines, allowing passengers to stay connected across the globe. Gogo announces 2Ku, its next-generation inflight connectivity technology. Gogo expands ATG service into Canada.

November 2017

  • Huge year for Gogo takes connectivity performance to new heights

    Gogo releases a massive suite of connectivity solutions that take IFEC performance to incredible new levels: Gogo 2Ku hits 100+ Mbps during test flights, Gogo Biz 4G launches enabling inflight streaming for the first time in history, Gogo announces plans for “Next Gen” network (ultimately Gogo 5G), and Gogo creates business aviation’s first and only software-driven connectivity platform: Gogo AVANCE.

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October 2019

  • Gogo brings the 5G revolution to the sky

    Gogo announces it will build aviation’s first and only 5G ATG network. Gogo 5G is on track to launch in 2022 and will deliver unparalleled inflight internet speeds.

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December 2020

  • Gogo sells Commercial division, focuses exclusively on Business Aviation

    Gogo completes the sale of its Commercial Aviation division to Intelsat for $400 million. The company returns to its roots and exclusively serves business aviation connectivity.

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October 2021

  • Gogo AVANCE sets records, Gogo 5G accelerates toward launch

    Gogo AVANCE is the fastest adopted connectivity system in history: reaching 750,000 business aviation flights and 2,300 systems installed since launch.

    Gogo 5G signs Jet Edge as its launch customer and Duncan Aviation partners on a comprehensive 5G STC portfolio.

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April 2022

  • Gogo announces 5G is on track for 2022 launch

    Gogo enables customers to follow along as we hit all major milestones, readying Gogo 5G for launch in 2022.

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